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Beneficial Backflow Prevention Assembly Maintenance Techniques

The backflow prevention assembly is an expensive piece of equipment. Any ½” to 2” assembly can cost from $600 to $1500 to replace. The honest staff at Arizona Certified Backflow Testers LLC will help you avoid any such unnecessary expenses, if possible.

There are several things that you can do to protect your investment, including insulation and caging techniques.
Insulated backflow covers

Insulate Your Backflow Assembly to Avoid Damage

We all know what happens when a backflow assembly freezes, and if you don’t, take a look at the pictures here. What you may not realize is that heat damages backflow assemblies extensively.

In the summer months when water is not being used, the assembly can heat up and the plastic, silicone and rubber parts inside begin to degrade, soften, blister and eventually break. This results in frequent repairs. In fact, we have measured assembly temperatures of over 140 degrees on a hot day.

We recommend covering the pipes and shut-off valves with a rubber or foam insulation and wrapping it with either a 2” 10 mil plumbing wrap or a +2” heavy foil wrap. You can then cover the backflow assembly with a backflow blanket. Contact us for a FREE estimate right away! 

Most times, we see the pipes insulated and the assembly left open to the elements. Pipes are relatively cheap to replace. You need to take care of your backflow assembly first.
Insulated backflow system cage

Install a Cage to Protect Your Backflow Assembly

The problem of theft of backflow assemblies continues, though it has decreased considerably over time. To avoid such a scenario, we recommend installing a cage over your backflow assembly.

Our staff can refer you to our suppliers and you can work directly with them. We have a supplier that can make custom-fit cages. The ideal way to go about the entire process would be to build a cement base and then install the cage.
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