Reclaimed Water Inspections

Complete Reclaimed Water Inspections

In the city of Tucson, AZ, there's a reclaimed water system that's used by homes, businesses, and the government. Currently, the water in this system can't be used for drinking purposes and needs to be separated from potable water.

As a result, there is a need for a backflow prevention assembly to protect the potable water supply, in case the two systems are interconnected on the property

The city of Tucson, AZ has instituted an inspection program that requires businesses to inspect the reclaimed water system for deficiencies as specified in their user agreement. This program also requires necessary testing to be done to ensure that the two systems aren't interconnected at any stage.
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Certified Backflow System Inspectors

Business owners need to get this Reclaim inspection done annually, while homeowners are required to get it done every 5 years. For this reason, you need a Reclaim certified backflow inspector for complete reclaimed water system inspection services.

Arizona Certified Backflow Testers LLC currently provides inspection services for over 30 Reclaim systems in the Tucson water service area. We provide backflow system mapping services and will help you complete the annual checklist.
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As a family-owned and operated company, we have been serving your community with top-notch backflow testing and repair services for 27 years.
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